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not great, not terrible

I am an undergraduate student and one of my textbooks was hosted on this app. I wasn’t super excited reading the reviews prior to my download and worried that I was wasting my time, but I’ve been using the app for about an hour and nothing bad has happened. I can clearly see and navigate the tabel of contents to click to whatever part of the text I need— sure, it’s not a pretty layout by any means, but it gets the job done. If there are any other students who are required to get the app don’t worry about the rest of the negative reviews, as I have yet to encounter anything major. Will update if anything changes.

Agree with Man_4_sail - Avoid!

I agree with everything Man_4_sail said. The software looks like it was designed as an 8th grade project (as does their “support” website). I made the mistake of opening an article in the Mac software, then found I couldn’t open it on the iPad due to AW’s completely unreasonable licensing policies (“all licenses used”). I can’t even print the document, my laser printer stalls out.

Doesn’t work

Crashes immediately upon opening document on mac running Mountain Lion.

An absolute piece of crap

As someone else pointed out, why is this needed? It has no controls. The book I’m reading has no page up or down access, so you have to enter the page or use the arrow keys. Rubbish.

Not clear why this app needs to exist

It is not clear why this app is needed. I bought an article that was advertised as “secure PDF”. I thought that meant some type of a secure download of a PDF file. Instead it is this strange proprietary file format that cannot be saved as a PDF or viewed on a PDF reader such as an iPad or Kindle.

Not happy

This is a piece of rubbish, just like everything else at Articleworks. If you need support or want to connect to any of their links - Good luck!!

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